Keller Colloquium in Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Monday October 2, 2017 4:00 PM

Imaging With Intensities Only

Speaker: Professor George Papanicolaou, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
Location: Annenberg 105

High frequency imaging with optical, infrared or microwave systems must be done with only intensities because phases, or time resolved signals, cannot be recorded. Phase retrieval methods have been developed over a long time and are flexible and effective but depend on prior information about the image and can give uneven results. When, however, multiple illuminations of the object to be imaged are available then it may be possible to recover the missing phase information. This is holographic imaging. I will present some recent results that use multiple illuminations and I will discuss associated imaging methods, their resolution and their robustness. I will also present the results of numerical simulations using these methods in optical and microwave imaging.

Series Computing and Mathematical Sciences Colloquium Series

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