CMS Partners Program

The CMS Partners Program provides opportunities for individuals, startups, and companies to engage with Caltech Computing and Mathematical Sciences faculty and researchers in order to support educational and outreach programs and to initiate research collaborations. Furthermore, the Partners Program provides ways for companies to meaningfully engage with undergraduate and graduate students through course projects, collaborative research, and mentorship.

Members of the CMS Partners Program will be actively engaged with students and faculty throughout the year. To enable and encourage such engagement, the Partners Program includes the following benefits and opportunities:



Each year in October, the Partners Program hosts a day-long event focused on providing startups and companies with a chance for meaningful interactions with undergraduate and graduate students in CMS. The event features tech talks, information sessions (coordinated with Caltech's Career Development Center), panel discussions, and poster sessions by companies with the goal of creating opportunities for students to find out more about the breadth of applications for computing and mathematical sciences across industries. The timing of the event allows startups and companies to get to know students before the Caltech Career Fair each Fall.

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds

Each year in May, the CMS Partners Program hosts a day-long research conference called “Meeting of the Minds.” This event features a variety of talks, laboratory open houses, and poster sessions from distinguished faculty members, advanced graduate students, undergraduates, and researchers from JPL. It provides CMS Partners Program members with an opportunity to hear about the very latest and most exciting work being carried out across the department. A key objective of the event is building strong research and personal connections between members of the CMS Partners Program, students, and faculty.

Engagement with Faculty and Student Research

Engagement with Faculty and Student Research

CMS Partners Program members are welcomed wholeheartedly into the research ecosystem of CMS. The Partners Program facilitates announcements of seminars and workshops in addition to the day long programs associated with the TechFest and Meeting of the Minds events. Further, the Partners Program coordinates research and project collaborations at the graduate and undergraduate level through faculty visits, project courses, and SURFs.

Student Clubs and Events

Student Clubs and Outreach Events

Member companies have the opportunity to organize, take part in, or simply sponsor a wide variety of student events and clubs, ranging from hackathons and programming competitions to K-12 outreach events, from company site-visits to business plan competitions. Examples of ongoing activities can be found here.

Research and Project Courses

Involvement in Undergraduate Research and Courses

The department organizes a number of large-scale research and project courses throughout the year, and Partners Program members are encouraged to interact with these courses, e.g., by suggesting ideas for student projects, providing data that could be useful for students projects, providing mentorship and or feedback on the projects, etc. Results of these projects are presented at the TechFest and Meeting of the Minds events. Additionally, there are many opportunities for members to give guest lectures in courses and organize tutorials on emerging technologies throughout the year.

On-campus Partner Information Sessions

On-Campus Partner Information Sessions

Partners Program members can reserve rooms for promotional activities such as information sessions (coordinated with Caltech's Career Development Center) and tech talks. Staff for the CMS Partners Program will aid in organizing and promoting the events.

Become a Member

Membership in the CMS Partners Program by startups and companies requires a fee that is used to support the opportunities described above as well as undergraduate student activities and local outreach programs. The minimum required fees are:

  • $1,000/year for startups and companies with fewer than 50 employees
  • $3,000/year for startups and companies of 50-150 employees
  • $6,000/year for startups and companies with between 150 and 1000 employees
  • $12,000/year for larger companies

Individuals who are interested in becoming Partners Program members (and attending CMS Partners Program events) are encouraged to make a donation of $100 per year.

To join the CMS Partners Program, click here.

Questions about the program? Please contact us at

Note that both individuals and companies may specify targeted programs and/or events of interest that they would like their funds to support. Further, if companies provide sponsored research, or pay a fee larger than $50k to faculty in the department, then membership in the Partners Program is complimentary.

Current Members

The CMS Department has a long history of engagement with companies and startups. However, the Partners Program is launching in Fall of 2016, so we look forward to welcoming many new members in the coming months! So far, we are happy to welcome the following startups and companies.

Corporate Members

Boeing Chai Energy Conquest Capital Group Disney Google Guidance Software Huawei Northrup Grumman Rokid Samsung Second Spectrum Second Spectrum Sonikpass IKASI Facebook
TGS Thales 1567 Fund Virtualitics LLC Oben Oben Two Sigma Locus Jibe Microsoft

Nonprofit and Government Members

In addition to our corporate members, the CMS Department welcomes nonprofit and government members who have aims related to the public good. We will work with members accepted into the Partners Program to develop technology-based solutions to problems affecting society. For example, we may work with a nonprofit concerned with sustainability to create a personal energy usage tracking app, or with a municipal government to improve the election result reporting process. Projects will largely be managed through a new CMS course offering and individual student projects, both during the summer (through the SURF program) and during the academic year (through CS81). If you represent a nonprofit, or are a government employee interested in this program, please contact the Director of the CMS Partners Program at

Individual Members

The Department is also happy to welcome alumni and other individuals to the Partners Program. The support from individual members can be targeted to specific student activities (e.g., the ACM Programming Competition or UGCS), or left open for general use within CMS. The Partners Program is a great way for alumni to stay engaged, or re-engage, with the CMS Department.