Graduate Students


YearNameOptionThesis titleAdvisor(s)
2016 (MS) Gerardo (Jerry) Cruz CDS Economic Fluctuations and Capitalistic Production: A Case Study in Robustness Constraint Doyle
2016 (MS) Benson Christalin CDS Synthesis of decision protocols for discrete-event cyber-physical systems Doyle
2016 (MS) Jenish Mehta CS Behavior of O(log n) local commuting hamiltonians Vidick/Schulman
2016 Eldar Akhmetgaliyev ACM Fast numerical methods for mixed, singular Helmholtz boundary value problems and Laplace eigenvalue problems - with applications to antenna design, sloshing, electromagnetic scattering and spectral geometry Bruno
2016 Scott C. Livingston CDS Incremental Control Synthesis for Robotics in the Presence of Temporal Logic Specifications Murray
2016 Nikolai Matni CDS Distributed Optimal Control of Cyber-Physical Systems: Controller Synthesis, Architecture Design and System Identification Doyle
2016 Ivan Papusha CDS Robustness, Adaptation, and Learning in Optimal Control Murray
2016 Enoch Yeung CDS Reverse Engineering and Quantifying Context Effects in Synthetic Gene Networks Murray
2016 Seungil You CDS A direct approach to robustness optimization Murray
2015 Max Cubillos-Moraga ACM General-domain compressible Navier-Stokes solvers exhibiting quasi-unconditional stability and high-order accuracy in space and time. Bruno
2015 Gemma Mason ACM Full and Model-Reduced Structure-Preserving Simulation of Incompressible Fluids Desbrun
2015 Vanessa Jonsson CDS Robust Control of Evolutionary Dynamics Murray
2015 Lingwen Gan EE Distributed Load Control in Multiphase Radial Networks Low
2014 Hyoung Ahn ACM Random Propagation in Complex Systems: Nonlinear Matrix Recursions and Epidemic Spread Hassibi
2014 Faisal Amlani ACM A New High-Order Fourier Continuation-Based Elasticity Solver for Complex Three-Dimensional Geometries Bruno
2014 Maolin Ci ACM Multiscale Model Reduction Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Hou
2014 Patrick Sanan ACM Geometric Elasticity for Graphics, Simulation, and Computation Schröder
2014 Peyman Tavallali ACM Sparse Time-Frequency Data Analysis: A Multi-Scale Approach Hou
2014 Tomasz Tyranowski ACM Geometric Integration Applied to Moving Mesh Methods and Degenerate Lagrangians Desbrun
2014 Matanya Horowitz CDS Microstructure Control and Evaluation of Iodine Doping in Bismuth Telluride Burdick / Doyle
2014 Rangoli Sharan CDS Formal Methods for Control Synthesis in Partially Observed Environments: Application to Autonomous Robotic Manipulation Burdick
2014 Floris van Breugel CDS Complex Behavior and Perception in Drosophila Emerges from Iterative Feedback-Regulated Reflexes Murray / Dickinson
2014 Eric Wolff CDS Control of Dynamical Systems with Temporal Logic Specifications Murray
2014 Anish Agarwal CS A Model For Residential Adoption of Photovoltaic Systems Low/Chandy
2014 Matthew Faulkner CS Selective Data Gathering in Community Sensor Networks Chandy
2014 William Fefferman CS The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling Umans
2014 Fernando Ferrari de Goes CS Geometric Discretization through Primal-Dual Meshes Desbrun
2014 Mihai Florian CS Analysis-Aware Design of Embedded Systems Software Chandy
2014 Sean Keller CS Robust Near-Threshold QDI Circuit Analysis and Design Martin
2014 Zhenhua Liu CS Sustainable IT and IT for Sustainability Wierman
2014 Michael Olson CS Cloud Computing Services for Seismic Networks Chandy / Holzmann
2014 Subhonmesh Bose EE An Integrated Design Approach to Power Systems: From Power Flows to Electricity Markets Low / Wierman / Chandy / Hassibi
2013Mulin ChengACMAdaptive methods exploring intrinsic sparse structures of stochastic partial differential equationsHou
2013Timothy EllingACMGPU-accelerated Fourier-continuation solvers and physically exact computational boundary conditions for wave scattering problemsBruno
2013Alexander GittensACMTopics in randomized numerical linear algebraTropp
2013Michael McCoyACMA geometric analysis of convex demixingTropp
2013Peter StobbeACMConvex analysis for minimizing and learning submodular set functions Tropp / Krause
2013Andrea CensiCDSBootstrapping vehicles: a formal approach to unsupervised sensorimotor learning based on invarianceMurray
2013Na LiCDSDistributed optimization in power networks and general multi-agent systemsDoyle
2013Clara O'FarrellCDSA dynamical systems analysis of vortex pinch-offDoyle
2013Somayeh SojoudiCDSMathematical study of complex networks: brain, internet, and power gridMurray
2013Peter TrautmanCDSRobot navigation in dense crowds: statistical models and experimental studies of human robot cooperationMurray
2013Keenan CraneCSConformal geometry processing Schröder / Desbrun
2013Michael DeLorimierCSGraph Parallel Actor Language -- A Programming Langauge for Parallel Graph Algorithms Desbrun / DeHon
2013Ragavendran GopalakrishnanCSCharacterizing distribution rules for cost sharing games Wierman
2013Minghong LinCSAlgorithmic challenges in green data centersWierman
2013Annie LiuCSSensor networks for geospatial event detection - theory and applicationsChandy
2013Nikil MehtaCSAn ultra-low-energy, variation-tolerant FPGA architecture using component-specific mapping Desbrun / DeHon
2013 Judy Xingyue Mou CS Situation Awareness Application Chandy / Bunn
2013Joseph SchaefferCSStochastic simulation of the kinetics of multiple interacting nucleic acid strandsWinfree
2013 Paul Skerritt Ma Geometric Quantization and Foliation Reduction Desbrun / Marsden
2012Jinghao HuangACMDiscrete Differential form Subdivision and Vector Field Generation Over Volumetric DomainSchröder
2012Stephane LintnerACMHigh-Order Integral Equation Methods for Diffraction Problems Involving Screens and AperturesBruno
2012Xin HuACMMultiscale Modeling and Computation of 3D Incompressible Turbulent FlowsHou
2012Elisa FrancoCDSAnalysis, Design, and In Vitro Implementation of Robust Biochemical NetworksMurray
2012Henry JacobsCDSGeometric Descriptions of Couplings in Fluids and CircuitsDesbrun
2012Patrick MullenCSEulerian Geometric Discretizations of Manifolds and DynamicsDesbrun
2012 Jeremy Hurwitz CS A Nearly-Quadratic Gap Between Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Property Testers Schulman / Umans
2012 Eui Woong Lee CS Clustering Affine Subspaces: Hardness and Algorithms Schulman
2012 Seung Woo Shin CS Compiling and Verifying DNA-based Chemical Reaction Network Implementations Winfree
2012 Elizabeth Anne Bodine-Baron EE Peer Effects in Social Networks: Search, Matching Markets, and Epidemics Wierman / Hassibi
2012 Jayakrishnan Nair EE Scheduling for Heavy-tailed and Light-tailed Workloads in Queueing Systems Low / Wierman
2012 Dzhelil Rufat MS The Chain Collocation Method Desbrun
2011Stephen BeckerACMPractical Compressed Sensing: Modern Data Acquisition and Signal ProcessingCandes
2011Catherine BeniACMSimulation Capabilities for Challenging Medical Imaging and Treatment Planning ProblemsBruno
2011Yaniv PlanACMCompressed Sensing, Sparse Approximation, and Low-Rank Matrix EstimationCandes
2011Svitlana VyetrenkoACMNetwork Coding for Error CorrectionHo
2011Javad LavaeiyanesiCDSLarge-scale complex systems: from antenna circuits to power grids Doyle / Murray
2011Molei TaoCDSMultiscale geometric integration of deterministic and stochastic systems Owhadi / Marsden
2011Ashley MooreCDSDiscrete Mechanics and Optimal Control for Space Trajectory Design Marsden / Murray
2011Marcos Nahmad BensusanCDSInterpretation and scaling of positional information during development Stathopoulos / Doyle
2011Andrew LamperskiCDSHierarchies, spikes, and hybrid systems : physiologically inspired control problem Doyle
2011Shaunak SenCDSRegulatory consequences of bandpass feedback in a bacterial phosphorelay Elowitz
2011David BuchfuhrerCSLimits on Computationally Efficient VCG-Based Mechanisms for Combinatorial Auctions and Public ProjectsUmans
2011Nachiket KapreCSSpice2: A spatial, Parallel Architecture for Accelerating the SPICE Circuit Simulator Desbrun / DeHon
2011Concetta PilottoCSSystematic design and formal verification of multi-agent systemsChandy
2011Jerome WhiteCS Applying formal methods to distributed algorithms using local-global relations Chandy
2011 George Lee EE   Low
2010Chia-Chieh (Jay) ChuACMMultiscale Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Related ApplicationsHou
2010Gentian BuziCDSControl theoretic analysis of autocatalytic networks in biology with applications to glycolysisDoyle
2010Dennice Maynard GaymeCDSA robust control approach to understanding nonlinear mechanisms in shear flow turbulenceDoyle
2010Philip du ToitCDSTransport and separatrices in time-dependent flowsMarsden
2010Liliya KharevychCSGeometric Interpretation of Physical Systems for Improved Elasticity Simulations Schröder / Desbrun
2010David PekarekMEVariational methods for control and design of bipedal robot modelsMarsden
2009Jonathan OthmerACMAlgorithms for Mapping Nucleic Acid Free Energy LandscapesPierce
2009Ari SternACMGeometric Discretization of Lagrangian Mechanics and Field Theories Marsden / Desbrun
2009Zhiyi LiACMHigh-Order Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations in Domains Containing Conical Singularities Bruno
2009Mark LyonACMHigh-Order Unconditionally-Stable FC-AD PDE Solvers for General DomainsBruno
2009Ling ShiCDSResource optimization for networked estimator with guaranteed estimation qualityMurray
2009Agostino CapponiCSCredit Risk and Nonlinear Filtering: Computational Aspects and Empirical Evidence Cvitani / Chandy
2009Shankar KalyanaramanCSLimited Randomness in Games, and Computational Aspects of Refealed Preference Umans
2009 Dmitry Pavlov Ma Structure-preserving Discretization of Incompressible Fluids Desbrun / Marsden
2008Ke WangACMA Subdivision Approach to the Construction of Smooth Differential Forms Schröder
2008John A. Monro, Jr.ACMA Super-Algebraically Convergent, Windowing-Based Approach to the Evaluation of Scattering from Periodic Rough SurfacesBruno
2008Sarah SweatlockACMAsymptotic Weight Analysis of Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Code Ensembles McEliece
2008Roger DonaldsonACMDiscrete Geometric Homogenisation and Inverse Homogenisation of an Elliptic Operator Owhadi / Desbrun
2008Lixiu TianACMEffective Behavior of Dielectric Elastomer Composites Bhattacharya
2008Hannes HelgasonACMNonparametric Detection and Estimation of Highly Oscillatory Signals Candes
2008David HochACMNonreflecting Boundary Conditions Obtained from Equivalent Sources for Time-Dependent Scattering Problems Bruno
2008Stephen WaydoCDS Explicit Object Representation by Sparse Neural CodesKoch/Murray
2008Melvin FloresCDSReal-Time Trajectory Generation for Constrained Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Non-Uniform Rational B-spline Basis Functions Murray
2008Amrit Pratap CSAdaptive Learning Algorithms and Data CloningAbu-Mostafa
2008Hsuan-Tien LinCSFrom Ordinal Ranking to Binary Classification Abu-Mostafa
2008Xiaojie GaoCSOn A Capacitated Multivehicle Routing Problem Schulman
2008Helia NaeimiCSReliable Integration of Terascale Systems with Nanoscale Devices DeHon
2008Wonjin JangCSSoft-error Tolerant Quasi Delay-insensitive Circuits Martin
2008Piyush PrakashCSThroughput Optimization of Quasi Delay Insensitive Circuits via Slack Matching Martin
2008Claudio FantiCSTowards Automatic Discovery of Human Movemes Perona
2008Anelia AngelovaCSVisual Prediction of Rover Slip: Learning Algorithms and Field Experiments Perona / Matthies
2008Mary DunlopMEDynamics and Correlated Noise in Gene Regulation Murray / Elowitz
2008Michael EpsteinMEManaging information in networked and multi-agent control systemsMurray
2008Katalin GrubitsPhLow-dimensional Representations of Transitions in Molecular SystemsMarsden
2007Nawaf Bou-RabeeACMHamilton-Pontryagin Integrators on Lie GroupsMarsden
2007Lei ZhangACMMetric Based Upscaling for Partial Differential Equations with a Continuum of Scales Owhadi
2007Marco LatiniACMSimulations and Analysis of Two- and Three-Dimensional Single-Mode Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability using Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory and Vortex MethodsMeiron
2007Patrick DondlACMStructure and Evolution of Martensitic Phase BoundariesBhattacharya
2007Alfredo MartinezCDSA treatise on econometric forecasting Doyle
2007Xin LiuCDSRobustness, Complexity, Validation and Risk Doyle
2007Shreesh P. MysoreCDSStructural plasticity in neuronal networksSchuman
2007Lijun ChenCDSWireless network design and control Doyle
2007 Tosin Otitoju CDS   Doyle
2007Angela Colleen TookerCSDevelopment of Biocompatible Parylene Neurocages for Action Potential Stimulation and RecordingTai
2007 John Pongsajapan CS Optimization and Stability of TCP/IP with Delay-Sensitive Utility Functions Low
2007Xiaoliang (David) WeiCSMicroscopic Behavior of Internet Congestion ControlLow
2007Xin YuCSReflection and Its Application to Mechanized MetaReasoning About Programming LanguagesHickey
2007 Lun Li EE Topologies of Complex Networks: Functions and Structures Doyle / Low
2007 Mortada Mehyar EE Distributed Averaging and Efficient File Sharing on Peer-to-peer Networks Low
2007 Ao (Kevin) Tang EE Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols Low
2006Laurent DemanetACMCurvelets, Wave Atoms, and Wave EquationsCandes
2006David GouletACMMathematical Models of the Developing C.elegans Hermaphrodite GonadCohen
2006Theofilos StrinopoulosACMUpscaling Immiscible Two-Phase Flows in an Adaptive FrameHou
2006Wuan LuoACMWiener Chaos Expansion and Numerical Solutions of Stochastic Partial Differential EquationsHou
2006Shawn ShaddenCDSA Dynamical Systems Approach to Unsteady SystemsMarsden
2006Jiantao WangCDSA theoretical study of internet congestion control: equilibrium and dynamics. Doyle
2006Demetri SpanosCDSDistributed gradient Ssystems and dynamic coordination Murray
2006 Andrey Khorlin CS Scheduling in Distributed Stream Processing Systems Chandy
2006Ling LiCSData Complexity in Machine Learning and Novel Classification AlgorithmsAbu-Mostafa
2006Cristian TapusCSDistributed Speculations: Providing Fault-tolerance and Improving PerformanceHickey
2006 Lu Tian CS Resource Allocation in Streaming Environments Chandy
2006Karl PapadantonakisCSRigorous Analog Verification of Asynchronous CircuitsMartin
2005Xinwei YuACMLocalized Non-blowup Conditions for 3D Incompressible Euler Flows and Related EquationsHou
2005Valentin (Gaby) StredieACMMathematical Modeling and Simulation of Aquatic and Aerial Animal LocomotionHou
2005Andrew WestheadACMUpscaling for 2-Phase Flows in Porous MediaHou
2005Harish BhatCDSLagrangian Averaging, Nonlinear Waves, and Shock CapturingMarsden
2005Stephen PrajnaCDSOptimization-Based Methods for Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems VerificationDoyle
2005Antonis PapachristodoulouCDSScalable analysis of nonlinear systems using convex optimizationDoyle
2005Domitilla del VecchioCDSState estimation in multi-agent decision and control systemsMurray
2005Ilja FriedelCSApproximation of Surfaces by Normal MeshesSchröder
2005Marcel GavriliuCSTowards More Efficient Interval Analysis: Corner Forms and a Remainder Interval Newton MethodBarr
2005Nathan LitkeCSVariational Methods in Surface ParameterizationSchröder
2004 Jay L. Bartroff Ma Asymptotically optimal multistage hypothesis tests Lorden
2004Mario J. ChaubellACMLow-Coherence Interferometric Imaging: Solution of the One-Dimensional Inverse Scattering ProblemBruno
2004Charles D. CampACMTemporal and Spatial Patterns of the Interannual Variability of Stratospheric Ozone and DynamcsYung
2004Shane RossCDSCylindrical Manifolds and Tube Dynamics in the Restricted Three-Body ProblemMarsden
2004Irene GregoryCDSDesign and Stability Analysis of an Integrated Controller for Highly Flexible Advanced Aircraft Utilizing the Novel Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Doyle
2004William DunbarCDSDistributed Receding Horizon Control of Multiagent Systems Murray
2004Melvin LeokCDSFoundations of Computational Geometric MechanicsMarsden
2004Matthew WestCDSVariational IntegratorsMarsden
2004Steven SchkolneCS3-D Interfaces for Spatial ConstructionSchröder
2004Mark MeyerCSDiscrete Differential Operators for Computer GraphicsBarr
2004Catherine Grace Wong CSHigh-Level Synthesis and Rapid Prototyping of Asynchronous VLSI SystemsMartin
2003Elizabeth A. Howard (nee Wedeman)ACM A Front Tracking Method for Modelling Thermal Growth Meiron
2003Andrei Y. GreenbergACMChebyshev Spectral Method for Singular Moving Boundary Problems with Application to Finance Bruno
2003Sean P. MauchACMEfficient Algorithms for Solving Static Hamilton-Jacobi Equations Meiron
2003E. McKay HydeACMFast, High-Order Methods for Scattering by Inhomogeneous Media Bruno
2003Jason C. KastnerACMModeling a Hox Gene Network Stochastic Simulation with Experimental Perturbation Solomon / Fraser
2003Razvan C. FetecauACMVariational Methods for Nonsmooth MechanicsMarsden
2003Mark MilamCDSReal-Time Optimal Trajectory Generation for Constrained Dynamical Systems Murray
2003Patricio VelaCDSAveraging and Control of Nonlinear Systems Burdick / Marsden
2003Francois LekienCDSTime-Dependent Dynamical Systems and Geophysical FlowsMarsden
2003Zoë J. WoodCSComputational Topology Algorithms for Discrete 2-manifoldsSchröder
2003Anil N. HiraniCSDiscrete Exterior Calculus Marsden / Arvo / Desbrun
2003Eitan GrinspunCSThe Basis Refinement MethodSchröder
2002Danny PetrasekACMDiffusion-Mediated Regulation Endocrine NetworksCohen
2002Bogdan CraciunACMPhase Boundary Propagation in Heterogeneous MediaBhattacharya
2002Dong-Eui ChangCDSControlled Lagrangian and Hamiltonian SystemsMarsden
2002Alex FaxCDSOptimal and Cooperative Control of Vehicle FormationsMurray
2002Todd MurpheyCDSControl of Multiple Model SystemsBurdick
2002Luz Vianey Vela-ArevaloCDSTime-Frequency Analysis based on Wavelets for Hamiltonian SystemsMarsden
2002Roman GinisCS Automating Resource Management for Distributed Business ProcessesChandy
2002Daniel M. ZimmermanCSDynamic UNITYChandy
2002Paul I. PénzesCSEnergy-Delay Complexity of Asynchronous Circuits.Martin
2002Guofeng WangCSFirst Principles Based Multiscale Modeling of Single Crystal PlasticityGoddard
2002Alexander NicholsonCSGeneralization Error Estimates and Training Data ValuationAbu-Mostafa
2002Joseph Roland KiniryCSKind TheoryChandy
2002Min ChenCSMathematical Methods for Image SynthesisArvo
2001Mayya TokmanACMMagnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Solar Magnetic Arcades Using Exponential Propagation MethodsMeiron
2001Michael LouieACMNumerical Study of Pattern Forming Processes in Models of Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard ConvectionCross
2001Gang HuACMSingularity Formation in Three-Dimensional Vortex SheetsHou
2001Pablo A. ParriloCDSStructured Semidefinite Programs and Semialgebraic Geometry Methods in Robustness and Optimization Doyle
2001Ali JadbabaeiCDSReceding horizon control of nonlinear systems: a control Lyapunov function approachDoyle
2001Mika NyströmCSAsynchronous Pulse Logic Martin
2001Yue Qi CSMolecular Dynamics (MD) Studies on Phase Transformation and Deformation Behavior in FCC Metals and Alloys Goddard
2001Ying HuangAero/CSScanning Tunneling Microscopy and Digital Image Correlation in Nanomechanics Investigations Knauss
2001Eve SchoolerCSWhy Multicast Protocols (Don't) Scale: An Analysis of Multipoint Algorithms for Scalable Group CommunicationChandy
2000Peter J. ParkACMMultiscale Numerical Methods for the Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion EquationHou
2000Hui (Helen) SiACMNumerical Study of Interfacial Flow with Surface Tension in Two and Three DimensionsHou
2000Mark Brady CSRegularized Vortex Sheet Evolution in Three Dimensions Leonard / Meiron
2000Sergey PekarskyCDSDiscrete reduction of mechanical systems and multisymplectic geometry of continuum mechanics Marsden
2000Yong WangCDSEffects of Actuator Limits in Bifurcation Control with Applications to Active Control of Fluid Instabilities in TurbomachineryMurray
1999Patrick M. LaheyACMA Fixed-Grid Numerical Method for Dendritic Solidification with Natural ConvectionMeiron
1999Keri AivazisACMA Spherical Vortex Model for Homogeneous TurbulencePullin
1999Sung Phil KangACMA Study of Viscous Flow Past Axisymmetric and Two-Dimensional BodiesMeiron
1999Philip LoveACMBifurcations in Kolmogorov and Taylor-Vortex FlowsKeller
1999James P. GleesonACMRandom Advection of a Passive ScalarSaffman
1999Donal A. GallagherACMSaffman-Taylor Fingers in Deformed Hele-Shaw CellsSaffman
1999Yalchin EfendievACMThe Multiscale Finite Element Method (MsFEM) and Its ApplicationsHou
1999Francesco Bullo CDSNonlinear control of mechanical systems : a Riemannian geometry approach Murray
1999James PrimbsCDSNonlinear optimal control: a receding horizon approachDoyle
1999Benjamin ShapiroCDSPassive control of flutter and forced response in bladed disks via mistuning Murray
1999Rajit Manohar CSThe Impact of Asynchrony on Computer ArchitectureMartin
1998Darren CrowdyACMExact Solutions for Two-Dimensional Stokes FlowSaffman
1998Mikhail K. RudnevACMExponentially Small Splitting of Separatrices and the Arnold's Diffusion ProblemWiggins
1998Mark MeloonACMModels of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Continuously Stratified FluidsMeiron
1998Russina Sgoureva-PhilippakosACMNonlinear Effects in Elastic Rayleigh WavesWhitham
1998David J. HillACMPart I: Vortex Dynamics in Wake Models, Part II: Wave GenerationSaffman
1998Paolo SivilottiCSA Method for the Specification, Composition, and Testing of Distributed Object Systems Chandy
1998Berna MassingillCSChaos in a Model of the Forced and Damped Sine-Gordon EquationChandy
1998Alan HeirichCSAnalysis of Scalable Algorithms for Dynamic Load Balancing and Mapping with Application to Photo-realistic RenderingArvo
1998Jerrell WattsCSDynamic Load Balancing and Granularity Control on Heterogeneous and Hybrid Architectures Taylor
1998Eric BaxCSFinite-Difference Algorithms for Counting Problems Franklin
1998Zehra CataltepeCSIncorporating Input Information into Learning and Augmented Objective Functions Abu-Mostafa
1998Marc RieffelCSPerformance Modeling for Concurrent Particle Simulations Taylor
1998Douglas ShielsAero/CSSimulation of Controlled Bluff Body Flow with a Viscous Vortex Method Leonard / Meiron
1998Denis ZorinCSStationary Subdivision and Multiresolution Surface RepresentationsSchröder
1997 Alexander A. Kiselev Ma Absolutely continuous spectrum of one-dimensional Schrodinger operators and Jacobi matrices with slowly decreasing potentials Simon
1997Muruhan RathinamACMDifferentially Flat Nonlinear Control SystemsMurray
1997Anatoly I. BaumsteinACMNonlinear Water Waves with ShearSaffman
1997Moira E. RegelsonACMProtein Structure/Function Classification Using Hidden Markov ModelsSolomon
1997David J. HaroldsenACMThe Numerical Calculation of Three-Dimensional Water Waves using a Boundary Integral MethodMeiron
1997Michael PalmerCSExploiting Parallel Memory Hierarchies for Ray Casting VolumesTaylor
1997Michael KantnerCSRobust Simulation and Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsMurray
1997Daniel MaskitCSSoftware Register Synchronization for Super-Scalar Processors with Partitioned Register Files Taylor
1996Kayvan ArdalanACMCompressible vortex arraysMeiron
1996Stefano SoattoCDSA Geometric Framework for Dynamic VisionPerona
1996John ThornleyCSA Parallel Programming Model with Sequential SemanticsChandy
1995 Slawomir J. Solecki Ma Applications of descriptive set theory to topology and analysis Kechris
1995Thomas P. WitelskiACMProblems in Nonlinear DiffusionCohen
1995Michael LoughACMThe Motion of Thin-Cored Vortex Filaments: The Equations of Motion and their Solution for Some Special CasesSaffman
1995Tak LeeCSA General Approach to Performance Analysis and Optimization of Asynchronous Circuits Martin
1995José TiernoCSAn Energy-Complexity Model for VLSI Computations Martin
1995David LaidlawCSGeometric Model Extraction from Magnetic Resonance Volume Data Barr
1995Frank PerezCSHue Segmentation, Color Circuitry, and the Mantis Shrimp Koch
1995Marcel GootCSSemantics of VLSI SynthesisMartin
1995Harm HofsteeCSSynchronizing Processes van de Snepscheut / Chandy
1995K.Rustan LeinoCSToward Reliable Modular Programs van de Snepscheut / Chandy
1994 Alexander Abraham Lesin Ma On the Mumford-Tate conjecture for Abelian varieties with reduction conditions Ramakrishnan
1994David A. EdwardsACMA Model for Nonlinear Diffusion in PolymersCohen
1994Harald von SosenACMI. Folds and Bifurcations in the Solutions of Semi-Explicit Differential-Algebraic Equations, II. The Recursive Projection Method Applied to Differential-Algebraic Equations and Incompressible Fluid MechanicsKeller
1994James D. BuntineACMI. Inviscid, swirling flows and vortex breakdown, II. A numerical investigation of the Lundgren turbulence modelSaffman
1994Andrew J. ConleyACMNew plane shear flowsKeller
1994Remy Sanouillet CSComputer Mediated CommunicationThompson
1994Jakov Seizovic CSThe Architecture and Programming of a Fine-Grain Multicomputer Seitz
1993Barry RyanACMLie-Poisson Integrators in Hamiltonian Fluid MechanicsSaffman
1993David KirkCSAccurate and Precise Computation Using Analog VLSI, with Applications to Computer Graphics and Neural Networks Barr
1993Carl Ruoff Jr.CSRobotic Hand-Eye Motor LearningCulick
1993Nanette BodenCSRuntime Systems for Fine-Grain Multicomputers Seitz
1992 Ramin Naimi Ma Constructing Essential Laminations in Some 3-Manifolds Gabai
1992Aaron MelmanACMComplexity Analysis for the Newton Modified Barrier Function Method Keller
1992Shiu-Hong LuiACMI. Multiple Bifurcations, II. Parallel Homotopy Method for the Real Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem Keller
1992Tasso KaperACMI. On the Structure in Separatrix-Swept Regions of Slowly-Modulated Hamiltonian Systems, II. On the Quantification of Mixing in Chaotic Stokes' Flows:The Eccentric Journal BearingWiggins
1992Richard L. M. AmmonsACMMathematical Control Theory for Liquid ChromatographyLorenz
1992Maurice Van PuttenACMMHD in Divergence Form: A Computational Method for Astrophysical Flow Phinney
1992Ronen BarzelCSA Structured Approach to Physically-Based Modeling for Computer Graphics Barr
1992Craig SteeleCSAffinity: A Concurrent Programming System for MulticomputersSeitz
1992Timothy KayCSFrom Geometry to Texture: Experiments Towards Realism in Computer Graphics Kajiya
1992William FyfeCSInvariance Hints and the VC Dimension Abu-Mostafa
1992Pieter HazewindusCSTesting Delay-Insensitive Circuits Martin
1991Thu PhamACMNumerical Studies of Incompressible Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in a Stratified FluidMeiron
1991Vidyadhar Y. MudkaviACMNumerical Studies of Nonlinear Axisymmetric Waves on Vortex FilamentsMeiron
1991Dana HobsonACMPoint Vortex Models for Modon DynamicsSaffman
1990Gregor KovacicACMChaos in a Model of the Forced and Damped Sine-Gordon EquationWiggins
1990Catherine Kent HayesACMDiffusion and Stress Driven Flow in PolymersCohen
1990Anne MorletACMI. Numerical Experiments for the Computation of Invariant Curves in Dynamical Systems, II. Numerical Convergence Results for a One-Dimensional Stefan Problem Lorenz
1990Robert McLachlanACMSeparated Viscous Flows via MultigridKeller
1990Rachel Shinn-MendozaACMShocks and Instabilities in TrafficWhitham
1989Israel SoibelmanACMA Study of Finite Amplitude Bifurcations in Plane Poiseuille Flow Meiron
1989James M. RotenberryACMEffect of Compliant Boundaries on Weakly Nonlinear Shear Waves in Channel FlowSaffman
1989Vered Rom-KedarACMI. Analytical Study of Transport, Mixing and Chaos in an Unstead Vortical Flow, II. Transport in Two-Dimensional MapsWiggins
1988Robert William CoxACMA Model for Stress-Driven Diffusion in PolymersCohen
1988Michael J. WardACMAsymptotic Methods in Semiconductor Device ModelingCohen
1987Mary Elizabeth BrewsterACMAsymptotic Analysis of Thin Plates Under Normal Load and Horizontal Edge ThrustKeller
1987Juan Antonio ZufiriaACMI. Symmetry Breaking of Water Waves, II. On the Superharmonic Instability of Surface Water WavesSaffman
1987Michael Jeremy LandmanACMNew Solutions of an Amplitude Equation Describing Transition in a Laminar Shear FlowSaffman
1987James Russell KammACMShape and Stability of Two-Dimensional Uniform Vorticity RegionsSaffman
1986Geoffrey Samuel ChesshireACMComposite Grid Construction and ApplicationsKreiss
1986David Kenneth RollinsACMDiffusion with Varying DragCorngold
1986Donald William SchwendemanACMNumerical Shock Propagation Using Geometrical Shock DynamicsWhitham
1986Michael J. NaughtonACMOn Numerical Boundary Conditions for the Navier-Stokes EquationsKreiss
1986Tomas Paul GirniusACMRay Tracing in Complex Three-Dimensional Earth ModelsKeller
1986David I. FeinsteinACMRelating Thermodynamics to Information Theory: The Equality of Free Energy and Mutual InformationMead
1985Michael E. HendersonACMComplex BifurcationKeller
1985Charles MolloyACMContributions to the Kinetic Theory of Traffic Flow With QueuingWhitham
1985Elizabeth Ann StanleyACMDiffusion in Glassy PolymersCohen
1985Jeffrey Michael FierACMI. Fold Continuation and the Flow Between Rotating Coaxial Disks, II. Equilibrium Chaos, III. A Mesh Selection Algorithm for Two-Point Boundary Value ProblemsKeller
1985Wiliam Douglas HenshawACMI. The Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws , II. Composite Overlapping Grid TechniquesKreiss
1984Allen C. RobinsonACMExistence and Stability of Vortices and Vortex ArraysSaffman
1984Noel F. SmythACMI. Solution on a Beach and Related Problems, II. Modulated Capillary WavesWhitham
1984Jeffrey A. SimmenACMSteady Deep-Water Waves on a Linear Shear CurrentSaffman
1984Douglas A. ReineltACMThe Penetration of a Finger Into a Viscous FluidSaffman
1984Saleh A. TanveerACMTopics in 2-D Separated Vortex FlowsSaffman
1983Luis Guillermo M. ReynaACMI. Stability of Tchebyshev Collocation, II. Interpolation for Surfaces With 1-D Discontinuities, III. On Composite MeshesKreiss
1983John A. FawcettACMI. Three Dimensional Ray-Tracing and Ray Inversion in Layered Media, II. Inverse Scattering and Curved Ray Tomography With Applications to SeismologyKeller
1983Michael D. PrendergastACMLinear Programming Methods for the Numerical Solution of Parabolic Equations Backwards in TimeFranklin
1983Daniel I. ZwillingerACMLong Distance Energy Correlations in Random MediaWhite
1983Thomas M. HagstromACMReduction of Unbounded Domains to Bounded Domains for Partial Differential Equation Problems.Keller
1982John Wilson BarkerACMI. Interactions of Fast and Slow Waves in Problems With Two Time Scales, II. A Numerical Experiment on the Structure of Two-Dimensional Turbulent FlowKreiss
1982Louis Anthony RomeroACMI. Similarity Solutions of the Equations of Three Phase Flow Through Porous Media, II. The Fingering Problem in a Hele-Shaw CellSaffman
1982James R. MuellerACMI. The Analysis of the Rewetting of a Vertical Slab Using a Weiner-Hopf Technique, II. Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals with Three Coalescing Saddle Points Cohen
1982David Leslie BrownACMSolution Adaptive Mesh Procedures for the Numerical Solution of Singular Perturbation ProblemsKreiss
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