Electrical Engineering Systems Seminar

Thursday February 9, 2012 4:00 PM

On the diversity equivalence theorem

Speaker: Joseph Boutros, Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Location: Moore B280
After recalling some simple facts, we show that the erasure channel and the fading channel are equivalent from diversity point of view. The proof does not depend on the type of channel coding neither on the decoding algorithm, i.e. the equivalence is intrinsic to the channel. Then, as an application of this diversity equivalence, we show old and new full-diversity constructions of codes on graphs such as product codes, Tanner codes, and LDPC codes. Finally, the analysis of nonequivalence in terms of coding gain leads to the notion of doping for parity bits.
Series Electrical Engineering Systems Seminar Series

Contact: Shirley Slattery at 626-395-4715 shirley@systems.caltech.edu