Smart Grid Seminar

Friday March 22, 2019 12:00 PM

A Privacy-preserving Disaggregation Algorithm based on Alternate Projections Method for Non-intrusive Management of Flexible Energy

Speaker: Paulin Jacquot, Applied Mathematics, EDF Innovation Lab
Location: Annenberg 213

We consider a resource allocation problem involving a large number of agents with individual constraints subject to privacy, and a central operator whose objective is to optimizing a global, possibly non-convex, cost while satisfying the agents'c onstraints. We focus on the practical case of the management of energy consumption flexibilities by the operator of a microgrid. This paper provides a privacy-preserving algorithm that does compute the optimal allocation of resources, avoiding each agent to reveal her private information (constraints and individual solution profile) neither to the central operator nor to a third party. Our method relies on an aggregation procedure: we maintain a global allocation of resources, and gradually disaggregate this allocation to enforce the satisfaction of private contraints, by a protocol involving the generation of polyhedral cuts and secure multiparty computations (SMC). To obtain these cuts, we use an alternate projections method à la Von Neumann, which is implemented locally by each agent, preserving her privacy needs. Our theoretical and numerical results show that the method scales well as the number of agents gets large, and thus can be used to solve the allocation problem in high dimension, while addressing privacy issues.


Paulin is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at EDF R&D and at the Inria center of Saclay, located at the École Polytechnique. He received his M.Sc. in engineering from École Polytechnique with a major in applied mathematics, and an M.Sc in Operations Research from Université Paris-Saclay. His research is related to decentralized electric systems and the application of optimization and game theory.

Series Smart Grid Seminar

Contact: Zach Lee