Social and Information Sciences Laboratory (SISL) Seminar

Friday October 18, 2019 12:00 PM

The Edgeworth Conjecture with Small Coalitions and Approximate Equilibria in Large Economies

Speaker: Federico Echenique, Caltech
Location: Baxter 125

Abstract: We revisit the connection between bargaining and equilibrium in exchange economies, and study its algorithmic implications. We consider bargaining outcomes to be allocations that cannot be blocked (i.e., profitably re-traded) by coalitions of small size and show that these allocations must be approximate Walrasian equilibria. Our results imply that deciding whether an allocation is approximately Walrasian can be done in polynomial time, even in economies for which finding an equilibrium is known to be computationally hard.
(Joint with Siddharth Barman)

Series Linde Institute/Social and Information Sciences Laboratory Seminar Series (SISL)

Contact: Mary Martin at 626-395-4571