Contact Us

For general inquiries about CMS, please call (626) 395-4560, or email For more specific requests, contact one of the following persons accordingly:

Executive Officer

Adam Wierman
(626) 395-6569

Department Coordinators

Sheila Shull
(626) 395-4560

Jerolyn Chittum
(626) 395-6251

Academic Options Adminstrator

Maria Lopez
(626) 395-3034

Outreach Director

Claire Ralph
(626) 395-8711

Outreach Manager

Sydney Garstang
(626) 395-4555

Engineering Librarian

George Porter
(626) 395-3409

CMS Undergrad and Grad Councils
The CMS Undergrad and Grad Councils serve as liaisons between the department’s administration and the student community. The members help to voice concerns, gather feedback about how to improve the student experience in CMS, and implement new initiatives to help to strengthen the feeling of community in the department. CMS students are encouraged to reach out to Council members with comments/suggestions/idea for the department.

CMS Undergrad Council

Richard Antonello

Vinciane Chen

Robert Eng

Nikhil Krishnan

Rachael Morton

Vaishnavi Shrivastava

Connor Soohoo

Michelle Zhao

CMS Grad Council

Thomas Anderson

Sara Beery

Dimitar Ho

De Huang

Yorie Nakahira

Xiaoqi Ren

Matteo Ronchi

Jialin Song

Anonymous Feedback

If you have comments / questions that you would like to submit anonymously, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at: