Note: If you are calling from off-campus, all phone numbers begin with (626) 395-####.

NamePositionOffice LocationExt.Email
Abu-Mostafa, Yaser Faculty
Ames, Aaron Faculty 266 Gates Thomas 8750
Anderson, Thomas Graduate Student
Anderson, James Postdoctoral Scholar 218 Annenberg IST Center 3552
Azizan Ruhi, Navid Graduate Student
Baetica, Ania Graduate Student
Bao, Ning Postdoctoral Scholar 463 Lauritsen Laboratory 0192
Barr, Alan H. Faculty 2825
Beck, James (Jim) Emeriti Faculty 206 355 S. Holliston
Beery, Sara Graduate Student
Bernat, Natalie Graduate Student
Berta, Mario Postdoctoral Scholar 101 Annenberg IST Center 8762
Bhattacharyya, Pinaky Graduate Student
Bruno, Oscar Faculty 202 355 S. Holliston 4548
Budninskiy, Maxim Graduate Student
Burdick, Joel W. Faculty 4139
Cahalan, Patrick Technical Staff 112 Annenberg IST Center 3290
Cai, Karena Graduate Student
Candogan, Utkan Onur Graduate Student
Catanach, Thomas Graduate Student
Chandrasekaran, Venkat Faculty 300 Annenberg IST Center 6568
Chandy, Kanianthra Emeriti Faculty 216 Annenberg IST Center 6559
Chen, Niangjun Graduate Student
Chen, Lijun Visiting Faculty
Chen, Yi Ju Visitor
Chern, Albert Graduate Student
Chittum, Jerolyn Administrative Staff 344 Annenberg IST Center 6251
Cohen, Donald Emeriti Faculty 317 Firestone Laboratory 1782
Coladangelo, Andrea Graduate Student
Crosson, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Scholar Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology
Cummings, Rachel Graduate Student
Cvitkovic, Michael Graduate Student
Dannenberg, Frits Postdoctoral Scholar 4843
Dathathri, Sumanth Graduate Student 205 Gates-Thomas Laboratory
Desbrun, Mathieu Faculty 301 Annenberg IST Center
Desharnais, Robert Visiting Faculty 201 Annenberg IST Center 6498
Doyle, John Faculty
Dunlop, Matthew Postdoctoral Scholar 334 Annenberg IST Center 4026
Faist, Philippe Postdoctoral Scholar Information Science & Technology Bldg 3538
Fauntleroy, Meleka (Nikki) Administrative Staff 107 Steele Laboratory 4140
Feldman, Ellen Graduate Student
Fernandez Lado, Agustin Graduate Student 4537
Filippidis, Ioannis Graduate Student 330 Annenberg IST Center
Foucher, Louise Administrative Staff 242 Annenberg IST Center 2246
Fragoso, Anthony Graduate Student
Franco, Elisa Visiting Faculty Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology 4026
Fu, Zhongzheng Graduate Student
Garstang, Sydney Administrative Staff 244 Annenberg IST Center 4555
Garza Gonzalez, Emmanuel Graduate Student
Goel, Gautam Graduate Student
Goodfellow, Diane Administrative Staff
Guo, Zeyu Graduate Student
Guo, Linqi Graduate Student
Hadas, Eran Lecturer 1757
Haesaert, Sofie Postdoctoral Scholar Information Science & Technology Bldg 3503
Ho, Dimitar Graduate Student
Holzmann, Gerard Visiting Faculty, Lecturer 301R225l Off Site: JPL 5937
Hou, Yizhao Faculty 203 355 S. Holliston 4546
Huang, De Graduate Student
Huang, Yichen Postdoctoral Scholar 4013
Hucka, Michael Research Faculty
Huo, Mandy Graduate Student
Jimenez, Edwin Research Staff
Jochym O'Connor, Tomas Postdoctoral Scholar Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology
Keating, Sarah Visitor Beckman Auditorium 6704
Kim, Taehwan Postdoctoral Scholar, Lecturer 338 Annenberg IST Center 1768
Komar, Anna Graduate Student
Kovachki, Nikola Graduate Student
Kubica, Aleksander Graduate Student 235 Annenberg IST Center
Lam, Ka Chun Instructor 211 Annenberg IST Center 8785
Lan, Shiwei Postdoctoral Scholar, Lecturer 338 Annenberg IST Center 1768
Le, Hoang Graduate Student
Le Blanc, David Technical Staff 112 Annenberg IST Center 2402
Lee, George Visitor 6704
Lee, Zachary Graduate Student 225 Annenberg IST Center 3555
Leong, Yoke Peng Graduate Student
Li, Ke Postdoctoral Scholar Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology
Liang, Chen Graduate Student
Ligett, Katrina Faculty 316 Annenberg IST Center 1720
Liu, Pengfei Postdoctoral Scholar Steele House 2176
London, Palma Graduate Student
Lopez, Maria Administrative Staff 341 Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology 3034
Low, Steven Faculty
MacMartin, Douglas Lecturer 115 Annenberg IST Center 9341
Marsiglietti, Arnaud Postdoctoral Scholar 310 Annenberg IST Center 3503
Martin, Alain J. Emeriti Faculty
Matni, Nikolai Postdoctoral Scholar IST Information Science And Technology 2027
Mead, Carver Emeriti Faculty
Mehta, Jenish Graduate Student
Meiron, Dan Faculty 343 Guggenheim Lab 4563
Michalakis, Spyridon Research Staff 103 Annenberg IST Center 8757
Morgan, Eric Graduate Student
Mozgunov, Evgeny Graduate Student
Murray, Richard Faculty 109 Steele Laboratory 6460
Murray, Riley Graduate Student
Naftalovich, Daniel Graduate Student
Nakahira, Yorie Graduate Student
Nemer-Sirois, Carmen Administrative Staff 102 355 S. Holliston 4561
Olsman, Noah Graduate Student
Ortega, Christine Administrative Staff 245 Annenberg IST Center
Owhadi, Houman Faculty
Pachter, Lior Faculty 116 Kerchoff Laboratory(27)
Pandey, Ambuj Postdoctoral Scholar 108B 355 S. Holliston 4557
Pang, John Graduate Student
Paul, Jagabandhu Postdoctoral Scholar 107A 355 S. Holliston 4640
Pierce, Niles Faculty 165 Broad Center For Biological Science 8086
Pinkston, Donald Lecturer
Ralph, Claire Lecturer 345 Annenberg IST Center 8711
Ren, Xiaoqi Graduate Student 236 Annenberg IST Center
Ren, Xinying Graduate Student
Ronchi, Matteo Ruggero Graduate Student
Rothemund, Paul Research Faculty 0438
Rufat, Dzhelil Graduate Student 3551
Sahinoglu, Mehmet Burak Postdoctoral Scholar Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology
Schaefer, Florian Graduate Student
Schroeder, Peter Faculty 306 Annenberg IST Center 4269
Schulman, Leonard Faculty 6839
Scovel, James Research Faculty 2629
Shan, Kevin Graduate Student
Shukla, Sujeet Graduate Student 229 Annenberg IST Center
Shull, Sheila Administrative Staff
Sideris, Constantine Postdoctoral Scholar, Lecturer Information Science & Technology Bldg 4561
Soh, Yong Sheng Graduate Student 337 Annenberg IST Center
Song, Jialin Graduate Student
Stuart, Andrew Faculty 302 Annenberg IST Center 4076
Sui, Yanan Postdoctoral Scholar Thomas Laboratory 3503
Taddeo, Linda Administrative Staff 6704
Taeb, Armeen Graduate Student
Tang, Yujie Graduate Student
Tavallali, Peyman Visitor 107A 355 S. Holliston 4640
Thachuk, Christopher Postdoctoral Scholar 1769
Thubagere Jagadeesh, Anupama Graduate Student
Tropp, Joel Faculty 307 Annenberg IST Center 5957
Umans, Christopher Faculty
Van Horn, Grant Graduate Student
Vanier, Michael Lecturer Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology 3127
Vardi, Shai Postdoctoral Scholar 211 Annenberg IST Center
Vidick, Thomas Faculty 207 Annenberg IST Center 8684
Wierman, Adam Faculty 215 Annenberg IST Center 6569
Winfree, Erik Faculty 204B Moore Laboratory 6246
Yeung, Melissa Graduate Student
You, Pengcheng Graduate Student
Yue, Yisong Faculty 303 Annenberg 2424
Yunger Halpern, Nicole Graduate Student
Zhan, Eric Graduate Student
Zhang, Pengchuan Graduate Student
Zhou, Fengyu Graduate Student
Ziani, Juba Graduate Student
Zuev, Konstantin Lecturer Annenberg Ctr For Information Science & Technology 1762
Department of Computing + Mathematical Sciences