The mission of Computing + Mathematical Sciences (CMS) at Caltech is to address the most challenging and fundamental problems in the science and technology of computation and information, while providing a first-rate education for future scientists and engineers.

To this end, we work to:

  • understand information and computation as intrinsic components of a broad array of natural and engineered systems
  • tackle challenging and fundamental problems with the potential for long-term and real-world impact
  • develop underlying theory
  • nurture collaboration between traditionally separate disciplines
  • educate a generation of scientists capable of making deep contributions in diverse fields.

Forward Thinking

CMS was founded on the premise that current challenges in computing and mathematical modeling require moving beyond the limits imposed by scientific specialization. The department provides a singularly stimulating and interdisciplinary research and teaching environment, especially attractive to faculty and students interested in exploring the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of information and computation in today's and tomorrow's world. CMS cuts across the traditional discipline boundaries, covering computer science, applied mathematics, communication and networks, control and dynamical systems, and computational science-to name a few. We benefit from close ties with the Electrical Engineering (EE) department under the Information Science & Technology umbrella, and from the profoundly interdisciplinary culture of Caltech as a whole.