Undergraduate Minor in
Computer Science

Undergraduate Option Rep

Prof. Adam Blank

Undergraduate Option Manager

Carmen Nemer-Sirois

The computer science minor is intended to supplement one of Caltech’s undergraduate degrees and is designed for students who wish to broaden their knowledge beyond their normal major or who may wish to pursue a graduate program involving computer science. Students completing the computer science minor requirements will have the phrase "minor in computer science" added to their transcripts.

Computer Science Minor Requirements

  1. CS fundamentals. CS 1; CS 2; CS 3.
  2. Mathematical fundamentals. Ma 2; Ma 3; Ma/CS 6a or Ma 121a.
  3. Intermediate CS. CS 21; CS 24; CS 38.
  4. Advanced CS. 9 CS units numbered 114 or above that are not applied to the above requirements and are not simultaneously used for fulfilling a requirement of the student's major option.

Pass/fail grading cannot be elected for courses taken to satisfy option requirements. Courses taken as part of the computer science minor are counted toward the total 486 units needed for Institute graduation requirements. To enroll in the program, the student should meet and discuss their plans with the option representative. In general, approval is contingent on good academic performance by the student and demonstrated ability for handling the heavier course load.

Typical Course Schedule

A typical course sequence is to take CS 1 during freshman year; Ma2, Ma 3, Ma/CS 6a and CS 2 during sophomore year; CS 21 or CS/EE/Ma 129, and CS 24 during junior year; and then to take CS 38 and one upper-level CS elective during senior year.